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Starwind Rising

By Leslie Fish (and Mercedes Lackey?)

Watch out universe: Earth's children are coming

The lyrics here are an attempted transcription from two low-quality audio recordings. They may contain errors.

An audio recording is on Youtube


      And there's a starwind rising
      Stretching the skyward sails
      Earthborn seeds fly outward
      Let the stars beware

Feel the stirring in the time-ripe world
See old Gaia smile
Knowing the seed-pod will spring open
In only a little while


Ancient and long the chain (?) that held us
Tied to the old world's ground
Vast the ancient plan that leads us
To a universe unbound


Warn your (?) lords of the endless star ways
See your ways undone
Gaia's ferry of (?) children spring
From their prison 'neath the changing sun


Fear the end so long-awaited
As the change of old kind breaks free
Come to break your status with a change
As ever was meant to be



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