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That Problem Solved

By Daniel Speyer

I can solve my problems with my parents' teachings... until I can't

Including the scientific method as verse three is very deliberate. When we judge for ourselves, we are still applying what we've been taught about doing that.

The phrase "garden full of forking paths" comes from Andrew Gelman: a frequentist. Cope.

The sheet music and chord chart do not exactly agree. The chord chart is closer to what was performed.

If performing with more than voice and guitar, other instruments should probably stay quiet while the problem is being explained, and come in as it is resolved.


I got a pro... blem... The weather's getting cold...
The northern wind blows sharp & swift my jackets worn and old
But all I need to know is in the tales my poppa told

I choose a pelt that thick and warm... measure twice and chalk my form
I cut and stitch 'ere com-ing sto-o-orm... And now I'm
safe and snug

I got a pro... blem... It seems I lost my way...
I've journeyed forth to lands unknown been wandering all day
I need some help. Can I recall what did my momma say?

I lift my eyes up past the air. Follow the tail of Greater Bear
I see that north is over there... And now I'm
homeward bound

I got a pro... blem... What if this lore's not true?
What if what worked in days of old don't work for me and you?
I don't despair I got a plan; what grampa said to do!

I check the facts with my own eyes I do the math, I analyze
I get a p less than 0h five And now that
problem's solved

I got a pro... blem... Results won't replicate!
A garden full of forking paths, the choice to speak too late
Can Sol'monoff quite help me here? Do I, um, hang out, wait...

I... I got a problem.


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