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Every creature or thing,
is on a journey somewhere;
a personal voyage,
or sharing the fare;

with many advances
we’ve achieved quite a lot,
from the smallest of needles
to the concept of thought.

As all travelers know,
the road seldom seems clear;
it’s paved with regret,
and riddled with fear.

The more we advanced
with the stride of our boots,
the harder it seemed
to connect to our roots;

some things which were simple
were forgotten or lost,
and at times it does seem
we cannot bare the cost,

yet we must carry on,
just remember to hold
a strong, deep connection
to the wisdom of old.

We all lost ourselves,
we’ve all once went astray,
but the fact that we’re here
means we’re on the right way.

So let us rejoice,
celebrate where we are,
for bonded together
we are bound to go far.